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With love to planet Earth.

Malvina Dunder with love to Earth

Hi, I’m Malvina!

I promote the beauty of our planet and travel with love to it, because when something is close to our heart, we appreciate and care for it more! Self-improvement is an integral and fundamental part of the world’s development and creating a more beautiful, better-to-live planet. It is education in a modern, attractive way. The “old school” method, as we can see, did not work…
Be the change you want to see in the world” is the theme here. Sometimes it may seem that we cannot change the whole world, but we can do our part instead of complaining and feeling helpless. Biodiversity is one of the most amazing treasures we have… So take a look with me… 

Romanian Mythology, witch classes and the last vampire slayer.

Let me share with you some witchy stories. Romanian folklore is abundant with vampires, strigoi, curses and spooky things that the rest of the world got fascinated about and has been spreading legends, writing books and making movies for the last centuries. Witch class no 1 “Deochi”: It is the evil eye curse – when…

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Malvina Dunder turtles Zanzibar island, wyspa żółwi

Ethical choices & traveling
The world is big and plenty of choices. We have a huge variety of destinations and activities, so which one to chose? The natural step up is to select it in term of ethic. This way we direct the market and evolve. We can choose what to support, and if we turn away from destinations or activities that are not serving the world, they will eventually cease to exist or won’t have any other choice than to change and meet our demands… More

Iran Persepolis Malvina Dunder

Iran – sand dunes, incredible islands, symmetrical architecture and the look back into the Persian Empire…
Trip to Iran is a great adventure, mostly because of the image of this country we know from media, and the feeling of unknown. You cannot just take a credit card because there are sanctions and it is not possible to use it, so you have to prepare yourself in advance. Soon after landing you are welcomed by the most friendly and open people who try to make up for the opinion… More

Malvina Dunder Travel blog, adventures, mindful living. Podróże, przygody, świadome życie. Czarnobyl. Chernobyl

Chernobyl – what is this radioactive place. Part 1 – for nerds 🤓 Chernobyl is a place of the worst nuclear disaster in 1986 at the No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR. The Soviet Union delayed announcement of disaster or just wanted to cover it up but radiation levels set off alarms in Sweden (over 1,000 kilometres from the Chernobyl Plant). People from the area were evacuated (three days after the catastrophe) and everything left behind. It is a ghost city. Looks like a jungle, trees and bushes everywhere, on the roads, covering buildings. Really strange view… More

Wander with me:

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